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About TWA

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What is The Worship Academy?

The Worship Academy (TWA) is a Christian Dance and Arts Academy that trains children and teens to not only dance but to minister! Our dancers minister at community and private events, churches,  concerts and more. 


Our Mission

To equip our dancers to use their God given gifts and talents to worship the Father without fear or shame by providing them with a scriptural foundation on the ministry of movement, leading them in heart felt worship and teaching them that God desires for them to sharpen their gifts.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to raise a generation of youth and teens that will spearhead a movement of pure worship through dance and arts that is uncompromising and un-perverted. Our students will know age does not define their relationship with God or place any limits on their worship or ministry.  We will create a culture of learning and an atmosphere of worship, walking and dancing in the love of God