The Worship Academy

  Dance and Arts Center


“I love it I learned so much about friendship and God and I still am” 

–Kiara McIntosh

“Couldn't have asked for a better group of leaders!” – Megan Brunner

“So many were blessed this weekend by the academy! Through hosting Dancing for Him ministries and the anointed worship we experienced tonight at church! Moved hearts! So very proud to have been a part of it! All Glory to God!” 

–Michele Griffin

“So glad I put my children in this group! So much to do and meeting new friends! Great teacher and friend”

 – Gina Walker

"First of all I thank God for having put Shakara on my path, it has been a blessing to my life. Shakara is an excellent teacher, both for children and for adults. She is knowledgeable and loving, she is very passionate as a teacher. Whenever she gives a class come prepared! They are very organized and will be hard work. She has passion  for her students and is very respectable". 

- Charylis Santiago

"What I love about Mrs. Shakara and her approach to teaching is that she connects the technical dance with worship to God.  The way she combines the two gives her dancers the ability to understand how to communicate the meaning of a song to the listener and make it come to life.  Shakara's passion for dance, encouragement to excel, and love of God are qualities that her students take beyond the dance studio to the world around them."

-LaShon McIntosh 

"Mrs. Shakara has very honest teaching, she is able to understand where you are, to help achieve where you will like to be. She commits to her students,and pushes them among measure. When I first began learning under Shakara my goal was to advance in skill, and to grow in the dance language. Immediately she began pouring into me, teaching, pushing, and giving great encouragement. So if you are ready to go next level within you or in your ministry, Mrs. Shakara will take you there. Thank you Mrs. Shakara for helping me get grounded. We still have more digging to do!!!"

-Yolonda Mosley

"Thank you for being so gracious. I have been telling everyone about the strong leadership anointing you have. I truly have never seen anything like it. To God be the glory... Thank you."

-Brittney Lamke

“Loving this group”     – Sarena Ford