The Worship Academy

  Dance and Arts Center

Our Classes at TWA

Dance Instruction, Levels 1-3
Ages 8+

At TWA we focus on more than just the movements and technique of dance, we also teach the importance of dance and its biblical roots. We teach lessons such as "Dance Hidden in the Bible" that shows the children biblical words straight from the bible that translate to mean dance and various dance movements.  We also promote scripture memorization.


Just about half of our instruction is book based. We believe that knowledge is power, even in dance. Each dancer learns dance terminology, its spelling and its meaning as they progress through the levels here at the academy.  We have a reward system that promotes good study habits for the students when they do well on written quizzes and assignments. Upon registration, your registration packet will include a skills checklist detailing what you student will learn in each level. Progress reports are sent home every 6 weeks so that parents and instructors are on the same page. Working together to help each dancer will help them to succeed. We meet every Saturday during the school year for technique class and choreographic development. 

Mini Mover Students at Barre

Mini Movers Class

Ages 3-7

Each Mini Mover student to become more familiar with his/her body, its alignment, range of motion and be introduced to executing the technique that is assigned at this level properly and with confidence. They will be challenged to explore new many things.